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Dec 21st 11:11 PM
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Dec 22nd 1:36 AM
Anything you fancy which fits your budget. Any horn from Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Keilwerth (EX or SX) or Selmer would do the job, or of course the older classics from Buffet, SML, Couesnon, Dolnet, Leblanc, Conn, Buescher, King, Martin would be worth considering. You will sound like 'you' whichever you play and the greatest difference will be heard with your choice of mouthpiece and reed. Have a look at Jason DuMars article on choice of sax or various lists of 'who played what' which you can easily find with an internet search or from this site.
Mr. Versatile
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Dec 22nd 11:57 AM
Don't forget to check out Unison & Cannonball's Big Bell series. You'll be surprized at how good the sound & quality of construction is. I have a Selner Paris MK VII that's for sale. I bought a Cannonball Big Bell tenor early this year & have barely touched the Selmer since then.
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Dec 22nd 12:20 PM
I don't know. I didn't want to downgrade the Cannonball saxophones on this forum after I tried them over Thanksgiving. While the Cannonball saxophones are OK horns and certainly playable, I can't justify paying the kind of money they are asking for them ($1500+, alto and tenor). I'd much rather get a true "professional" horn for the same price or cheaper in a Yamaha 62 or Yanagisawa 901 from Europe.

The Cannonball's just didn't have the super luxurious feel of my Yamaha Custom's. I guess I'm spoiled for life. It seems I can't get away from the Custom's. In fact I just ordered a black Custom 855 alto to back up my silver Custom 875 alto from Saxofoonwinkel for $2400 delivered (excluding duties).

Now, if the Cannonball's were going for $1000 or so, that would be a different story altogether.
Isaac Armstrong
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Dec 23rd 1:59 PM
You can find used Cannonballs for less than $1200 (depending on model, and how used). They are made in Taiwan, so their resale is till poor, which makes it great for the second-hand shopper!
Mr. Versatile
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Dec 24th 8:51 AM
I agree completely on the feel & action of the Yamahas. IMO, there's not another horn out there that as good at that than they are.

The only thing I disliked about the Customs and the 62's were their sound. This is, of course, a very personal, subjective judgement. Everyone has their own opinion on what a sax should sound like. And if you gave an identical sax with the same mp, reed, etc to 2 or 3 different players, it's likely the horn would sound different with all of them.

Yamahas are terrific horns. My post about the Cannonballs to suggest that Robbb try one before making a decision. IMO, they are very good quality/sounding horns.

IMO, there are lots of excellent hors out there
Mr. Versatile
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Dec 24th 7:25 PM

I just read my own post. That should be lots of excellent HORNS out there.
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Dec 25th 12:36 PM
Hehe. Nothing like a good Freudian slip.