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User ID: 9725373
Dec 15th 11:40 PM
I have been trying to figure out just how old my Yamaha is, but I can't find any serial # listings anywhere....before I mail Yahama itself, I wanted to see if anyone here knew the production year of YAS-62 #016061...thanks in advance for any responses
User ID: 1320554
Dec 17th 11:41 AM
Yamaha does not have a system where they can tie serial numbers to years. If it has an A after the serial number it is US assembled. If the YAMAHA logo is stamped in the metal it is newer. If it is painted on in purple it is older. I'm not sure of the year change but somewhere in the early 90's I think. Yamaha will tell you when the 61's ended and the 62's started.
Randy Pogi
User ID: 0916684
Jan 16th 7:52 AM
Hi Shayed! MojoBari is correct.

I also have problems with my Yamaha YTS-62 #001784. Check if the YAMAHA logo is stamped or painted. Mine is painted being an older model.