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Dec 23rd 4:20 PM
Can anyone tell me what mouthpiece they are using on their Yani 992. I am looking for a fuller sound with a very little bit of brightness. My Meyer 7M is not right for the horn.

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Dec 24th 1:29 AM
JJ, i found that the Vandoren A75 worked great on that horn (Java, NOT Jumbo Java)
User ID: 0680084
Dec 24th 9:39 AM
JJ, I'm using a Runyon Custom (not the Jazz version, just Custom) on my A990. Works great! Big sound from top to bottom. Intonation is very even. It can sound bright or not, depending on the reed and they way you blow = versatile. For a very bright sound you can insert the Spoiler thingy, but I tend not to. In another thread there were lots of folks using Customs with Yani altos and sopranos, so I gave it a try and was not disappointed. Some advanced players are using the Jody Jazz, which is a modified Custom that gives a slightly warmer, more responsive sound.
Dave Dolson
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Dec 24th 1:48 PM
jjgold: I just received my A992 three days ago. I tried my HR Meyer6M, a HR Phil Barone J7M, and an older Yana silver-plated metal mpc #7. All worked well (with softer reeds such as Rico Royal #2, Rico Jazz Select #2, and a soft VanDoren reed). The Yana metal seems the best for me as far as volume, tone, and control. I also tried a Keilwerth neck (one of the two that came with my straight alto), and it worked well, too, although I can't choose yet between the A992 neck and the Keilwerth neck. The real test will come at my next gig where I play it in an ensemble. That is ALWAYS the true test for me. DAVE