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User ID: 3320394
Jun 29th 6:41 PM
And I'll be the first to tell you about it.

Andrew, you're slipping again.
User ID: 9279843
Jun 29th 7:06 PM
Uh oh, Andrew is starting to slack!
Dr. Love
User ID: 1884774
Jun 29th 7:38 PM
The alto saxophone rules!
I suppose I'll be the second to tell:)

- Dr. Love -
User ID: 2533044
Jun 29th 8:26 PM
The alto saxophone rules!
I'll 3rd that. :)

User ID: 8019393
Jun 29th 9:02 PM
yeah, alto all the way. that'll be the....uhhh.....i only count to three.....
User ID: 2379774
Jun 29th 9:12 PM
Its about time we got an alto thingy-ma-bobber.
Sax Dude
User ID: 9433023
Jun 29th 9:28 PM
Yep..You're right, the tenor does rule:) (Man, I feel like I'm walking a somebodies turf)
User ID: 2533044
Jun 29th 9:51 PM
What sax dude? ALTO, not Tenor (you dummy)!
User ID: 9510053
Jun 29th 10:29 PM
alto rules and tenor drules,
User ID: 9892733
Jun 29th 11:50 PM
No argument from me!
Son of Zorn
User ID: 0979534
Jun 30th 12:05 AM

(cough, cough)
User ID: 2463104
Jun 30th 2:40 AM
Sorry, baritone is king.
User ID: 9892733
Jun 30th 5:34 AM
Spelling, its not rules,but lures.
User ID: 2533044
Jun 30th 7:12 AM
Baritone is king? How come alto gets more solos? BLAH!
User ID: 2289444
Jun 30th 11:07 AM
Alto rules -- by default. It's all I've got!! Getting my first tenor early next week -- who knows where my future alliegence may lay. . . .
User ID: 9209903
Jun 30th 1:19 PM
Altos get more solos because the foundation put down by the bari makes them sound good.
User ID: 1808544
Jun 30th 6:20 PM
That doesn't make sense!
Cliff Jun 30th 6:26 PM
When you get your tenor, your alliegence will change. The alto is alright, but the true king of all saxophones is the almighty tenor.
User ID: 3320394
Jun 30th 6:29 PM
Play any tenor you wish, Cliff, but I'll smoke you on alto.
User ID: 2533044
Jun 30th 6:40 PM
You can make the alto sound like anything you want, but I can't say the saem for tenor...
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