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Jan 18th 3:35 AM
wow i just went to see him tonight at a concert in honolulu, HI. simply amazing! full fatty tone all over the range. lol, i've never seen any saxophone player move that much either!
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Jan 18th 10:52 AM
Glad to hear you enjoyed his show. I've seen him several times in Connecticut. He put on a Christmas show with Rick Braun on trumpet a few years back that knocked my socks off. Who did he have with him when you saw him
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Jan 18th 5:50 PM
I saw him last year and he was great. Is he still playing the silver Yamaha YAS 62 that he played last year. I get a kick out of the people on this board that say a YAS 62 is not a good horn. They need to hear Koz play one!
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Jan 18th 6:27 PM
Eric Marienthal also plays a silver Yamaha, although it's a Custom 875. Man, everybody gets so caught up in their brand loyalty instead of the guys chops that contribute 99% of the sound.
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Jan 18th 7:10 PM
Marienthal to my knowlege endorses yamaha but plays a mark vi alto by the looks of the photos on recent albums.
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Jan 18th 9:34 PM

For Yamaha horn, Eric Marienthal don't use Yamaha Custom although he is their endorsed artist, For soprano, he mainly play his old YSS-62S for gig & recording in studio. For alto & tenor, he still use his Mark VI.

Yes, in his video tape "Tricks of the Trade", he use a YAS-875S but this video tape is sponsor by Yamaha, he have to use it .
Dennis D.
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Jan 21st 8:27 PM
BTW, I spoke with Eric Marienthal in a small club in Cleveland about 3 years ago. The Mark VI he was playing was the same one he had in high school. His live playing exceeded my expectations.

Dave Koz has a very good (quality) video called Live in Trinidad. Regardless of the "simple" sounding songs on some their CD's, these guys have been professional sax players for over 15 years. They can play! (even on Yamaha's, LOL)
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Jan 24th 10:50 PM
Even on Yamaha's? I play VI alto/tenor but a Yamaha soprano... the intonation is impeccable, I think that's why a lot of players go for them: superb intonation, very smooth, even tone quality though it's not my favorite, and otherwise a very comfortable and "easy" type of horn that sounds great overall. I would just never recommend a Yamaha to a classical player, heh.
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Jan 24th 10:59 PM
Last time I saw Rousseau he was playing all Yamahas. I guess classical players can use them after all! : )