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Jan 4th 6:18 PM
I've got an old SBA with a low B gurgle when using bright mouthpieces. I've already gone into causes and cures in another thread (and then some), but in this thread wanted to know if other alto players had solved a low B gurgle with a certain mouthpiece. Mine is cured with an old Meyer NY-USA 5 med, but I'd like to sample other mouthpieces. I know that each player's experience will vary, but still... I might save some time and trouble if there's someone else out there that was in a similar situation and has a mouthpiece suggestion that might work.
mostly alto guy
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Jan 6th 2:24 PM
Got a 95% solution on my Buffet Dynaction using a Brilhart 4* (the other 5% compliments of a Belgian beer cork).
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Jan 6th 2:32 PM
I use a cork from a good Merlot (down the bell). But a mpc. cap or cork grease tube works too. Something about re-directing the airstream.
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Jan 7th 9:45 PM
Had a similiar problem with a '37 King Zephyr alto; a Brilhart Special mpc solved it straight away & the horn plays in better tune than with my Meyer 5M/M. Also, a "Dick Stabile" Steel Ebonite piece I've got plays very well on it, with just a touch of gurgle. The "Stabile" piece was made by The Woodwind Co. of New York, and has a chamber similar to the Brilhart & a wider tip opening than usual on older mpc's.
Matt Grady
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Jan 7th 11:02 PM
Grumps does your horn have some denting in the bow area? a foreign object introduced there was recommended by my repairman, and it worked like those other guys say.
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Jan 7th 11:10 PM
Yeah Matt, I've been through all the cures; the cork/cap/putty/tape in the bell, etc... (no dents) It really only occurs when hitting the low B soft at the end of a phrase. I'd just like it to be clear at all volumes like the Bb. Putting something in the bell is only a partial fix, and it makes other notes stuffy, so I'm trying to work around that and find a mouthpiece that will work that node thing and cure this obsession.
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Jan 14th 9:30 PM
I am in agreement with RS;however, it seems that maybe you can check your lower jaw placement. Move your lower jaw forward putting more reed/mpc in your mouth. This will allow the reed to vibrate a little easier with less air. That worked for me.
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Jan 14th 10:52 PM
Appreciate the suggestion Silver. I haven't played alto regularly in about 14 years; it's been all tenor and soprano. I never had this problem on my old Signet alto, but my boy has that one now. The SBA was given to me a few years back and I've only recently discovered this trait. I can maneuver around the problem with my lip and airstream, but only with a mouthpiece that slides way down in on the cork. Those are what I'm looking for now as even with this .... foible... when I playtested this horn against all the major new brands out there, there was no contest. I just got to get it a mouthpiece that it likes.
Peter T
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Jan 23rd 9:26 PM
I had the same problem on my tenor and my tech recommended pushing the mp all the way on the cork, even covering all of it. That works but doesnt it screw up the tuning?