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David Sanborn Fan
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Jan 13th 2:53 PM
For me him (yes)!
1)unique sound
2)great virtuoso
3)from the jazz to the pop music
4)it plays everybody musical style
David Sanborn thank you for existing!
Gabriele (Italy)

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Jan 13th 6:22 PM
Fan, have you heard Michael Brecker or Phil Woods?...for virtuoso
The Martin
User ID: 0916684
Jan 14th 1:02 AM
That old devil
House for sale
Relight my fire
Over and out
Leroy brown
The Martin
User ID: 0916684
Jan 14th 1:04 AM
Ney, not from from Italy.

I also like to listen to him once in a while.
But there are a lot more and different alto players around.
Dennis D.
User ID: 9997253
Jan 21st 8:36 PM says Mr. Sanborn will have a new release in May. Thank you David.