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Dec 5th 3:13 PM
I heard there was going to be a shootoff of the selmer tenor reference series released in Dec/Jan... an alto version based on the model of the 6. Is it going by another name? Am I being thrown in a loop?
Dr G
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Dec 5th 4:05 PM
Check the message boards (Saxophone Discussion Forum) at Miles Osland, host of the forum and professor of saxophones at University of Kentucky, tries to keep people informed of such important issues.

Bear in mind that, like the tenors, the newest one may not be the best for your purposes. They will be keeping the II and III in production, just as they have the tenors.
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Dec 5th 9:15 PM
I'm a regular over at the Selmer site and Miles says that the Referance Alto based on the VI will be out January/February next year.