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Nov 27th 9:58 PM
I`m wondering if there is anywhere on the web that I could find tracks to play to on my sax. In the early 80`s there were records you could play that had a rythm section only. MP3 or midi would be fine .Any help would be appreciated greatly!
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Nov 29th 8:11 AM
Ian, look into the entire Jamey Aebersold collection. Nearly 100 CD's with music at a price you would pay for any CD alone at a music store. You can order them through most online music centers, or WW and BW. Ive found them incredible helpful and fun.
User ID: 9781133
Nov 29th 8:28 AM
Thanks Brian. I`ve been playing alto for about 20 years but never applied myself. I`m a piano player and singer for a living. Any alto sax artists music would help me. Although I have a good ear,it will take awhile to lift some of these tunes. Thanks a bunch!!!!!!
User ID: 0763414
Nov 29th 9:46 AM
Ian...get the Band in a Box software (about $60)
Its a program you can input any changes you want, then change the tempo/key/players/feel ect...(also comes with a couple hundred pre programed rhythem tracks)...just trust me...spend the money.

Once you have the tune in place, you can print out the parts for each instrument as well...just pick the key you want it in.

For what you would spend on the Abersold'll be farther ahead.

The program is good enough to do demos with without fussing with any style from Hillbilly Jethro to Hip Hop...or as a polka if you's all there.

Any tune
any tempo
any style
any time.

Spend the money.
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Nov 29th 1:50 PM
Ian , I think modre is right.
Here in Germany "Band in a Box" is about $80.
But it's worth every cent of it.
And the difference to playalongs :
like modre says
any tune
any tempo
any style
any time.
User ID: 9781133
Dec 6th 4:50 PM
Thanks everyone. Sorry I haven`t responded sooner. I had a virus issue!