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darryl Nov 20th 11:48 PM
how do i get rid of the thinness on my high notes?? tone is really full on everything but once i get to B3 (that's the B one above the 5 line thing, right) it gets thin. jus keep workin long tones in the upper range?
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Nov 21st 1:39 AM
Yes, keep working on longe tones in the upper range AND the embouchure as well. Don't bite harder and harder to get up higher and higher.
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Nov 21st 10:07 AM
I've found that using a harder reed can help. You can also experiment with the mpc facing.
J Nov 21st 10:13 AM
Dont think of it as "getting rid" of the thinness, but "developing fullness". It is not a matter neccessarily of knowing what to do, or using other equipment, but strengthening and shaping your embouchure muscles properly over time. I get students all the time that come to me a say, "How can I get my high notes to sound really full with good intonation?", then I watch their eyes glaze over when I tell them to practice for two hours everyday for a period of years. :-))
Bootman Nov 22nd 3:54 PM
It is a combination of long notes, overtones and practise. A full bodied and focused sound in the palm key notes and above is partially controlled by mpcs, throat shape, reed choice and not biting. If you bite down on the mpc and reed for the higher notes then your tone will become thin and strangled.

If you are playing a modern sax then it will have a naturally thinner sound in the palm key range than the vintage saxes do in this area.