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Nov 19th 7:17 PM
I can get either the Yani 901 or the Yamaha 62 for about the same price. Ive heard good things about both and have as yet, played neither. Can anyone suggest any preferences or criticisms toward either. It would help me weigh the decision. Thanks.
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Nov 21st 1:56 AM
Hello Riley,

I have never played a Yanagi. 901 before but used to own a Yanagi 990 alto and now play a Yamaha 62 alto. Supposedly, the 990 is better than the 901. The Yamaha 62 has a brighter,jazzier and more flexible sound whereas the Yanagi 990 has more of a safer and more classical sound. Giving the info. above, I hope you can know which sax to choose in terms of sound.

Good Luck!
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Nov 21st 9:59 AM
Thanks No

I appreciate that input. Actually the horn is for my son and his interest is much more toward Jazz than classical, so your comments are very significant.
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Nov 22nd 7:13 PM
No problems!
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Nov 27th 8:36 PM
Riley-Mac. Buy the kid one of each:-) Make the Yani a 9933 and get a Buffet SDA too (there is one on e-bay right now!)

BTW, I'm probably serious here! Link to Buffet....

Or check vintage thread for someone else selling a Buffet SDA or a Martin "the Martin". I don't play but came to this site to figure out what to get for my son. The best sounding horn I purchased was a Martin "The Martin", but he likes the Buffet sda fingering the best (but the horn needs to see a tech - leaky and squeeky pads). The Yas-62, Yani 9933 and Yani A-900 are all great horns too, he has one of each which I also purchased for him. Buy the best you can afford, buy it used, and figure out a mouthpiece (jodyjazz or Reussou(?) which IMO is almost as important as everyting else.

Best of luck. Hey, I have 6 horns but only one kid....???? Nahh, the boy can't part with any of them. Some woman tried to buy the Yani 9933 (has a silver bell) and I would have make a profit, but the lad nixed it. Imagine, and he wants the Buffet fixed too!! Can't part with any of them. Jezze and I started with a budget of $1500 until the bug bit me.

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Nov 29th 8:16 AM
Riley, The 62, as Nobody said, is a brighter horn than the 901. More importantly, if for your son (student?) it is more adjustable and solidly built in my oppinion. They are both great horns, but I believe the Yamaha is be more solidly built. I wish they would have kept the adjustments that were on the 62, available on the custom Yamaha.
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Dec 2nd 7:29 PM
Thanks've all been very helpful. With all the comments Ive been reading in here about Cannonball big bells, Im also considering one of them.