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Terry D
User ID: 0240854
Nov 19th 6:17 PM
Anyone know where I can find a combination case for an alto sax and a clarinet? I've looked all over and have not seen one in years.
User ID: 9892733
Nov 19th 11:29 PM
The older Mark VI and Mark VII traypac cases were for sax, clarinet and flute. Sometimes you can find one on Ebay. There may be one now; or at least there sure it's a tray-pac case before you bid on it.
Bootman Nov 20th 12:13 AM
I think there is a new one made by Protec, it will hold alto, clarinet and flute. Check out the WW&BW catalogue.
Terry D
User ID: 0240854
Nov 20th 6:14 AM
Thanks Alan and Boot.
User ID: 0721754
Nov 22nd 5:23 PM
check this site

Pro Tec Cases

I'm currently looking to replace my old Selmer Tray Pac Case
User ID: 0443584
Nov 22nd 7:36 PM
Reunion Blues makes a soft doubler gig bag. It's really for alto and soprano (if you use clarinet you have to leave it assembled). And it's a soft bag! But mine has held up nicely, tho I don't use it much any more.