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Terry D
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Nov 18th 7:25 PM
Anyone have an idea what some of the bigger alto players are using or have used? People like Sanborn or Osby and Woods. How about some older players like Cannonball, Eddie Hodges or Bird?
Fun Bun
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Nov 19th 5:30 PM
Cannonball: King (Super 20 or Silversonic).
Osby: Yani. Bronze with a custom Yani neck.
Bird: doesn't really matter
Boby Watson: Custom Yamaha 875

My 2 grand.
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Nov 19th 5:37 PM
Sanborn - Mark VI
Woods - Selmer, I think Series II
Bird - mainly Conn, sometimes King
Steve S
User ID: 8882983
Dec 2nd 8:57 PM
From what I have read about Bird, He pawned his horns many times, usually for drugs. Often, he would play whatever horn that was lying around the club, and always sounded just like Bird.
Isaac Armstrong
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Dec 3rd 8:02 PM
Yep. Bird played the Grafton Plastic Alto on his "Live at Massey Hall" Gig in Canada! Great recording BTW.
User ID: 9223993
Dec 4th 10:49 AM
There a site on the internet somewhere (big help I am) that lists to the best of thir knowledge what recording artists use as equipment. It is interestig when taken with a large grain of salt. I ran across it somewhere accidentally and dont remember where it is, but maybe some other posters can come up with that site. :-)
User ID: 1543764
Dec 5th 12:13 AM