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Nov 16th 7:26 PM
I just got a back-up Alto for my MK VII. It's a newer model Conn Alto. When I tried it in the store I couldn't believe the sound..Fantastic.. Loud, rich and SWEET. The action and key layout feels very much like my Selmer Alto, its a very heavy horn as well. It looks re-laquered as the engraving is not perfectly clear. The engraving is Selmer-style, just not a whole lot of it. No shooting Stars or Ladies, just says "CONN" with the engraving around it. The serial no. looks to be N175XXX. I'm guessing it's a 70's Horn.The pads aren't new but very good. It's got large Selmer style Brown Plastic Resos. I had to switch back from the Dukoff P9 I've been using to my Lakey 6*3, the Dukoff sounded way too thin.While I was doing the mouthpiece check I decided to try another neck as well. I had such good luck with a neck switch on my back-up '31 Chu Tenor, that I have come to realize how much difference a good neck can make. I had a old Selmer super or BA Alto neck laying around for yrs. and it fit perfect and tight. The intonation and tone with this set-up makes a remarkable improvement over the stock neck. This series Conn (18M??) is certainly a sleeper in my book. With a good oiling, cleaning and pad leather treatment this thing feels and sounds brand-new. And it ROARS! I saw a couple of Conn Altos on EBay that look similar to this one. The have right side bell keys and a distinctive solid key-guard. The Ebay prices looked very reasonable if they all play as good as mine. I couldn't get much info. from the ads about the vintage or quality of this series of Conns. Anybody know?..Thanks, Cash
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Nov 17th 9:06 PM
i bought one in very good shape for $100 entending to resell it for a profit . i too was very suprised at how well it played and felt. i could have very well played it professionally and not lost much in the way of proformance. i did eventualy resell it for a profit but enjoyed playing it for awhile. my first sax was a shotting star conn and it SUCKED!!! these are MUCH better horns.
User ID: 1689844
Nov 18th 8:24 AM
Glad to hear I was shot down once here for even SUGGESTING that a Conn 21M was a pretty darned good horn!
I played one that a friend's son had rented and it was great! It was very solid and really roared (as above).
I think these newer Conns need to be re-examined a bit. As I am fond of saying...set up right, they can be fantastic horns.
User ID: 9014973
Nov 18th 11:05 PM
Hello Gentlemen, glad to hear I'm not alone in my opinion of the "newer" Conn. It truly does produce an amazing tone. Entirely different from my MKVII. What year do you think this series N175XXX was produced?? I'm going to ask the same question on the Vintage horn thread. Later,Cash
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Nov 19th 5:03 PM
Your alto sounds like the saxes that Keilwerth made for Conn for a short time after their deal with Armstrong (the Couf model) broke up. This was in the mid-80's.