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Nov 12th 10:13 PM
Hey pplz i am currently using vandoren 3s cuz sax teacher said to go down from 3.5s cuz it felt like i was having to blow my guts out to get it and i was confusing harder reeds with dark sound but using a c* with a yahmaha sax or selmer ss80 either one .. with vandoren or glotin reeds and i tend to chop my reeds off to where i have to blow my guts out but i quit that..and i do keep my throat open and i think i keep my corners in..but i need to check but i need to get rid of the fuzz box..i love guitar and hendrix but sax does not equal guitar/hendrix so im doing classical music and im working towards a dark tone so anybody have any suggestions??? thanx for help Earth
User ID: 9892733
Nov 12th 11:36 PM
Classical music.....try a Larry Teal MP with a Hemke 3. The SA80 C* may work for some, but to me they sound awful. Vandoran reeds tend to be very inconsistent. (IMHO)
User ID: 2713794
Nov 13th 7:31 AM
The SA80 is what ive got right now and so i will try that setup..u really think it will get rid of the fuzzy tone?? and what is the advantages to getting the teal mp cuz im not that fimiliar with mp and all that...also im using a Rovner Lig and ive heard they tend to give people a muddy sound as well i dont recall what the model on it is but its a pertty standard model...i wanna say a RL 3 but i dunno..ive heard that Olegg and Bey i think were good and what about the Eugene Rousseou (excuse the spelling) mp's and i cant tell you what the name of it is but its like got a KG or KC symbol on it and its a lig and its in a green box that looks kinda like a christmas type thing..ive heard those are good as well..what do you think about it all?
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Nov 13th 11:23 AM
The C* is a typical classical sounding mpc and I'd struggle to get a buzzy tone out of it, especially with a 3 or 3.5 reed. Try Vandoren traditional reeds at 2.5 or 3 strength or maybe Rico Jazz Select Unfiled in 3S. Part of the sound is in your mouth, you need to have a softer tongueing (try a 'D' rather than a 'T' when you tongue) and just practise long soft notes. I have found with time I can play in tune, with plenty of dynamics with a softer reed than this on a C*. Never struggle with a reed that's too hard.