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tonet Oct 31st 5:41 PM
Please, opinions about alto metal mpc, O. Link Master Tone.
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Oct 31st 7:23 PM
in all the 30+ years of sax playing not one alto player have i seem using one of these.
User ID: 9928103
Nov 1st 10:29 PM
I have seen a few players use them. Noone "famous" locally or otherwise...but my impressions:

ICK. Metal links need to stay where they belong...Tenor and Soprano. They sound terrible on alto IMHO. The Tone Edge HR sounds great though, nice warm sound with a bit of edge.

Coulda just been the players using them that were getting the sound...but it was not a good sound at all.
reformed whiner
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Nov 2nd 1:55 AM
rubber, rubber, rubber - always on alto. otherwise it's just too bright. I have a hard rubber link on my alto, it took me a while to get used to the resistance (don't use a rovner lig with it!) but now I can project and cut with a big warm sound.
User ID: 1934244
Nov 2nd 11:56 AM
Could never get the damn thing to play in tune. Hands down, the Otto Link metal alto is the most out-of-tune mouthpiece I have ever played. Stay away from it. There is a reason why the Meyer is so popular on alto. Try that first.

By the way, there's nothing that says metal is always brighter than rubber. My Selmer classical metal mouthpiece is as dark as they come. It's all about chamber and baffle shaping, not material.
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Nov 14th 7:14 PM
I've seen pictures of Johnny Hodges with an Otto Link Metal Mouthpiece-He's kind of famous.I have one that plays perfectly in tune on a mid-50's King-White alto.On my other horns, however, it has to be pushed in too far to play in tune - usually it's flat.
Father Ray
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Nov 15th 11:02 PM
Didn't Charlie Parker used to use a metal Link. Yes, yes, I know, he'd play anything he could get his hands on yadda yadda yadda...
Andrew D.
User ID: 1425064
Nov 19th 8:23 PM
I have owned a 7* metal link since 1982 which has served me to this day I've owned a mk IIV, super 80,series 3, & finally series 11. I have changed mpc many times but always go back to the don!! Got to admit I've tried a lot of links & none sound like mine (just a wicked mpc)
User ID: 1223124
Nov 20th 5:43 AM
I play a metal link 7* on my Yanagisawa 991 alto (selmer lig and Alexander DC reeds). It plays great! A big, beautiful sound with great projection. And believe or not it plays exactly in-tune (compared to many other alto pieces that I own).

I think Sonny Stitt played metal links on alto. And listen to Jesse Davis on "First insight". He plays a metal link on his King alto. What a sound!!