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Jul 15th 9:07 AM
Has anyone played/bought one of these horns? Elsewhere on this board there was a very glowing review of one of the tenors. I am interested in hearing the impressions of those who have played one. I saw a pic of one on USA Horn's site..they are indeed a beautiful horn....
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Jul 20th 10:43 PM

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Sep 4th 12:35 PM
Riley - Mac
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Nov 29th 3:24 PM
I'm wondering the same thing. Ive seen the Guardala's advertised at WW&BW and on their own site on the internet. The spin looks good. Supposedly lots of big players pay tribute to the horn. Made in Germany as opposed to all the Taiwan clones. Id love to hear from someone with real experience with the horn.
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Nov 29th 4:15 PM
I have never played a Guardala horn. My teacher is a Yamaha artist and he was giving a clinic at the Woodwind and Brasswind. For some reason he didn't have his Yamaha and Woodwind and Brasswind did not have one for him to use so they gave him a Guardala. He said it was a very good horn, on a par for quality with any of the big name brands. However, he thought the key layout was better suited for large hands and the gap from the Bb Bis key to the next key was too large. Bottomline he liked the construction, quality and sound (although he wouldn't have switched horns for it) but not the ergonomics - at least insofar as the ergonomics suited him.
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Nov 29th 4:28 PM
well...I got an Eath Tone tenor about 4 weeks ago. What an incredible horn!
It can best be described as playing somewhere between a MK VI and a Ref 54 (and I am ignoring the obvious similarities due to lacquer).
THe feel of the horn is nearly identical to my old MK VI, so this was a big reason why the horn feels so natural in my hands. I played my VI for 13 years.
Second, impression is that it is in fact a MK VI copy, but has been made better in all the areas that the VI is deficient: palm key placement, fuller lower end that doesn't "honk" when pushed, better intonation tendencies.
The key layout feels extremely good to me and I didn't notice the bis key problem mentioned above but certainly some people may have a problem with it. I think ergonomically anyone who like a VI should like this horn..but that is IMHO.
As the head 54 cheerleader on this board, I must honestly say this horn is giving the 54 a serious run for it's money.
Still haven't tried the alto yet...but it is truly tempting.
I have no hesitation in recommending you try an Earth Tone. It's THAT good.
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Dec 9th 12:32 PM

Can I ask where you bought your Guardala? Would you recommend them?
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Dec 9th 1:51 PM
One of the posters here put it up on Ebay...but i would recommend you get yours from Saxofoonwinkle in the netherlands. Their price and service is great. There may be a cheaper place that I don't know of, but I would tend to go with these guys. They have a great reputation.
And yes, I would HIGHLY recommend the Earth Tone.