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Coleman Hawkins  SML tenor sax.

David Marcos sent the fine pictures (below) of his post WW2 "Coleman Hawkins" SML tenor sax. "Coleman Hawkins was involved in the design, it has the body of a King Super 20, with French ergonomy," writes David.

The Coleman Hawkins SML advert (on right).
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"Coleman Hawkins" SML tenor sax, 50+ years old, ser.# 3306

MarcosSax1.jpg MarcosSax2.jpg MarcosSax3.jpg MarcosSax4.jpg

The SML saxophone family picture (eight saxes, two cl.) from Morgan Witthoft's collection.

Fred Cicetti wrote on 30 Jan 2001:
This is of the new tenor I wrote about. The shot with the open case shows the clarinet case at right. Under the clarinet case is the accessory box. Also, in the lid, are slots for a flute. This is a three-in-one case.

Fred's SML tenor  

Rick Mussi contributed his SML pictures below (two altos and one soprano sax)

SML alto Standard Model ser.# 9xxx, straight tone holes

Sml9a1.jpg Sml9a3.jpg Sml9a4.jpg

SML alto Gold Medal ser.# 25xxx

Sml25a1.jpg Sml25a2.jpg Sml25a3.jpg

SML soprano ser.# 11xxx

Sml11s1.jpg Sml11s2.jpg Sml11s3.jpg Sml11s4.jpg Sml11s5.jpg Sml11s6.jpg

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