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Created: October 27, 1999
Update: October 14, 2015

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Vintage Saxophones

A SOTW background and Index

by Harri Rautiainen


It all started sometimes in early 1997. Fred Cicetti contacted me regarding SML saxophones. I was then looking to buy a tenor in addition to my alto sax. I came across a SML in Helsinki and remembered Fred's e-mail message. Fred convinced me that for the price it was a good buy. So, in May 1997 I became an owner of ca. 1982 SML tenor, serial # 201xx. In July 1997 Fred Cicetti wrote his first SML background study of the fine Strasser-Marigaux saxophones. Later came the follow-up stories and surveys by Fred and legend lives on. Also, The SML area of the Sax Discussion Forum has a loyal following. Pete Hales completed a new thorough study of SML saxophones in 2002.
Carmen Leggio


Sax on the Web now expanded to other vintage horns and Pete Hales has written several articles and CD reviews.

Sax on the Web - Vintage Sax Articles

Strasser-Marigaux (SML) Saxes
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