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Gordon Palmer has been a regular contributor to Sax on the Web's Discussion Forum (SOTWF) since 2000. He is a woodwind player and a repair technician from Auckland, New Zealand. It is my pleasure welcoming him now as a Sax on the Web Author. I am looking forward to studying my flute using his instructions.
Harri Rautiainen
   October 2004

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Flute Lessons By Email

by Gordon Palmer

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This document came about because a sax player in Sax On The Web wanted to start doubling on flute and piccolo. He noted that flute/piccolo was my major instrument and began asking me questions about playing the flute /piccolo in the forum, and then by email.

At the end of the year, he found two 'live' flute teachers, who were most impressed with the progress he had made, even though they did not know that his lessons had been by email.

I combined the email correspondence into a single document and offered it to another person in SOTW. From then, I filled a large number of subsequent requests, sending it by email. It seems to have been well received. It is now available here because The Administrator asked me if I would make it more readily available.

Please bear in mind the following:
  1. For the student, English was a second language.

  2. Much of the material is relevant specifically for a player facing the typical problems of a going from a reed instrument to flute. These problems may not be so prominent for a non-doubling flute student, whom I would probably have instructed differently.

  3. I am a reasonably accomplished flute player (my first instrument) with a good tone, and have a rather analytical approach to playing, coming in part from a good background knowledge of applied science. This may suit some players, but not others, and it probably quite different from what you may get from 'normal' flute teachers. I have not kept up to date with the styles of playing and teaching that might be used by current gurus of the flute, so please do not treat the document as a definitive statement on flute playing. I double on sax and clarinet, most of my playing having been in 150+ shows.

  4. There has been almost no editing - really only the removal of more personal correspondence. Consequently there is significant repetition and also the odd diversion. Putting the document into a more refined form has simply not been a high priority in my life, so I have been asked to offer it as it is.

Best wishes with flute playing.
Gordon Palmer, "Gordon (NZ)" in the forum

These lessons as an Adobe Acrobat .PDF document  chart
The file size 183 Kbytes.

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Created: October 25, 2004.
Update: April 21, 2006
© 2004-6, Harri Rautiainen and respective authors
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