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Tim Price
Tim Price is a Selmer Clinician, professional musician, jazz journalist and author. He teaches in New York City and Pennsylvania.
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  Solo Sax Arrangement on: “Happy Birthday!”  

by Tim Price

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This lesson is more of a solo jazz saxophone tour de force on "Happy Birthday".

A few years ago I was inspired to send Phil Woods something unusual for his birthday, which happens to be a day after mine... (We are both Scorpios!). Hence this version of "Happy Birthday". Phil is a great friend to me and one of my inspirations musically.


Look at this from a fun stand point.  Let the music go where it's supposed to go and feel free to alter tempo and dynamics at will. Playing solo is a study unto itself. If you look close in here there's all kinds of tempo changes, bebop approaches, and expressions. This solo piece reflects many moods as well.


Try at some point to approach some simple songs that you like to play in this fashion. Let your ear be your guide. Also—this will help your cadenza playing and imagination in that bag. Feel free after you get my version together to add some things of your own that you hear.


In the meantime, next time you have your horn with you and it's somebody's birthday, memorize this and wail away. Have fun!

~Tim Price

Created: June 19, 2004.
© 2004, Harri Rautiainen and respective authors
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