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Tim Price

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Jazz Chord Studies for Saxophone

by Tim Price
September 2001
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2 Bar II-V Phrases - via Entire Range of the Sax

This study (below) is designed to assist you in using your saxophone fully! Full range!

Go slow and take your time. I would suggest starting at quarter note . As you get comfortable add articulations of your own. HAVE FUN!

II-V assignment - ear training


Study and play the below II-V lick. Listen to the shape of the line.
II-V lick
Now... start to play it through the circle of 5th's!

Go slow... if you have a problem, write out the harder keys. Also, practicing with a friend can be an asset when doing something like this.
Strive for excellence!

- Tim Price

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15th Month


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Tim Price is a Selmer Clinician, professional musician, jazz journalist and author. Tim teaches in New York City and Pennsylvania. He can be contacted for clinics, master classes, private teaching , gigs, and concerts by e-mail.
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Created: September 10, 2001.
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