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Tim Price

Tim Price is a Selmer Clinician, professional musician, jazz journalist and author. He teaches in New York City and Pennsylvania.

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  Ear Training on Chord Tones - Phase 1  

by Tim Price

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I designed these studies to do a number of things, to assist players and students of all levels and styles.

The use of intervals through the "cycle"… to dial in on the inside of the chords.

Also- It will expand your playing via ear training, improvisation and improving technical facility. I've also found it's a great help in pitch retention via chord tones and breaking finger habits. Your playing will become more effective by doing these!

To start, play each written line as I wrote it… then continue as I state, through the cycle using the given pattern.

Go slow, listen and work hard. You'll get results!

As my old teacher Sal Nistico once said… "When you practice, work!" This is a good thing to keep in mind as you do these. Enjoy!

~Tim Price

Created: November 20, 2004.
Update: May 28, 2010.
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