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Tim Price
Tim Price is a Selmer Clinician, professional musician, jazz journalist and author. He teaches in New York City and Pennsylvania.

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  Minor Exercises  

Whole Step Motion-Two Measures

by Tim Price

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This Minor Exercise is a study in whole step motion via minor chords.

Study the shape and use of my intervals and note choice… and then write some of your own. Get together with a chord player, like a friend who plays piano or guitar, and try this. The goal of this study is a nice flowing Be-bop type tempo (at least quarter note = 120 or more).

Remember, at [2] on the second page… Work on your altissimo. This is the place to put it to use. Listen to players like James Moody, Von Freeman, George Coleman to hear this whole step motion in action.

Till next lesson-work hard and strive for tone...

~Tim Price

Two Bar Phrase on Major Chords

Minor 2

Created: April 26, 2001.
Updated: October 30, 2004.
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