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Tipbook Saxophone
Tipbook Saxophone (new)
by Hugo Pinksterboer

16 April 2007
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18 May 2007
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Created: October 26, 1999
Update: October 6, 2007


Saxophone Accessories

by Paul R. Coats

The following are what I consider to be really worthwhile accessories. I personally use these products, and find them to give 110% performance and service.

SKB Contoured Pro Sax Cases. For alto and tenor sax. These cases have separate slots for the necks and mouthpieces. There is an outside pocket for other accessories.

Seiko ST-909 Classic Chromatic Tuner
Seiko ST-909 Tuner.
Good automatic chromatic tuner. Has a lit sweepmeter.

Lavoz Reedguard IV. These plastic reed holders are a necessity for protecting reeds.

Lavoz "Shove-It" Pad Savers. I keep these swabs in each of my sax cases.

Fibracell Reeds. These are the best reeds I have ever used--jazz or classical. www.fibracell.com

Runyon Pad Formula II. Makes pads last longer and seal better. www.runyonproducts.com

Runyon Super Deluxe Neckstrap. Easy to adjust, strong, simple.

Runyon Palm & Side Key Risers. A necessity for adult hands.

Runyon Pinky Palm Key. Enables fast execution of low note passages.

Runyon Mouthpiece and Teeth Savers. These patches attach to the beak of the mouthpiece. They cushion your teeth and protect the mouthpiece from wear.

E6000 Glue. For attaching palm and side key risers, other modifications or repairs.

Charlie A’s Crud Patches. Cloth patches for cleaning sticky sax pads.

Charlie A’s Magical Gig Dust. For a one-two punch to cure sticky pads, clean with the crud patches, then dust with the Gig Dust. Keep these two items, and a few pipe cleaners for application of the dust, in each instrument case. A necessity.

Chap Stick. Maintains your chops, but even better, it is great cork grease.

Rovner Ligatures. Excellent. Simple, and inexpensive.

Oleg Key Enhancers. I use the Front F Ext. Spatula, Side Key Silencers. These silencers modify the Selmer Mk VI keywork, replacing the noisy ball joints. www.saxpro.com

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