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Children's Sheet Music

About The Author:
Adwina Jackson is a wife and mother of a young boy. She's also the editor of Inspiring Parenting, an online source of valuable parenting information. Please visit her site for helpful and free parenting info. Observe your children's health, growth and development by clicking the website.

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Beginner's Corner V

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Introducing Children To Music

Strategies For Success

by Adwina Jackson

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Iíve heard a million parents lament the fact that they didnít get their children interested in music sooner.

There are also hundreds of adults out there that wish they had learned how to play an instrument when they were younger.

Studies actually support the idea that music stimulates certain brain connections and can actually help children grow smarter!

Music also provides an invaluable outlet for safe expression of feelings and emotions, and can also serve as an important learning tool throughout your childrenís lives!

Music helps educate in many ways, by developing childrenís memory skills and nourishing their spirit.

Now, some children are a bit resistant to music at first, but you can easily find ways to encourage them to enjoy music in many different forms early in life.

You need to simply adopt some creative ways to introduce music in your childrenís life without forcing them to take on a task they arenít interested in (Hint: donít go buy a saxophone and tell them to practice or else).

Hereís how you can successfully and gently introduce music into your childrenís life:

  • Allow them the opportunity to select an instrument they are interested in. Even if that instrument is something you consider too large or incompatible for them. Be willing to let your children make their own decisions and encourage them when they do.
  • Play a variety of different music in the home whenever your children are around. Turn on the radio and turn off the TV, and make a point to try and play something different every day.
  • Teach your children how to sign songs. Children learn through music. You can use songs to teach numbers, the alphabet and even help develop basic memory skills.
  • Help your children make up their own songs. This will encourage them to use their natural creativity and talent.
  • Hum a tune with your child. Praise them when they try something a little different.
  • Consider taking your children to age appropriate concerts.

There are many concerts specifically designed with children in mind, chock full of songs and beats that will entertain and delight even the youngest of children.

Music is an important part of the developmental process children go through.

Children who are involved in activities such as band or other musical outlets are less likely to get involved in problematic behaviors and dangerous after school activities.

Music has even reportedly increased the intelligence of newborns, particularly building spatial reasoning.

Music also makes the world a happier place to live in. Youíll enjoy learning as much as your children will, and you can even explore music together!

By introducing your children to music while they are still young, you will ultimately improve their lives and their appreciation of the world in many ways.

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Created: March 24, 2006
Update: August 30, 2006
© 2006, Harri Rautiainen and respective authors
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