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Trane Giant Steps

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Letters from Bob Anram

on Jazz Improvisation

An Introduction by Michael/Saxismyaxe

Bob Anram
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While exploring jazz on the Myspace site, I came upon the work of tenor saxophonist Bob Anram, and found his playing to be most impressive. His improvisation and technique is powerful and inspired, with the creativity and understanding of the best of the old lions, which I feel is sorely missing in the work of many of todays contemporary artists. A quality, which synthesized to just one word, is "stratospheric".

We subsequently established a dialog concerning his thoughts on improvisation and practice techniques. The scope of the emails provided basically one artist's manifesto on improvisation and the psychology behind it. I have found what he has to say both helpful and somewhat liberating and therefore, with his permission, have reprinted these emails.

There will be three emails: The first deals with basically practicing and spontaneity, The second with the value of neutral phrases in practicing, and the third deals with the value of critical listening,

Bob was also kind enough to send some of his core exercises, which will be reprinted in their entirety.

For those interested in hearing his playing, his Myspace site is myspace.com/bobanram

Bob's email address is: [email protected]

For those in the New York City area who have an interest, Bob is considering taking on a limited number of private students.

I'd like to keep the contact info intact as well, as I am certain that there will be a great interest in his tutelage after readers read this article, and subsequently hear his music excerpts on the Myspace site. Bob is currently taking on students, and this will be of help to everyone.

Thanks for giving a wider, appreciative audience an opportunity to learn from an enjoy this wonderful artist's wisdom and music.


  1. Giant Steps Thoughts
  2. Neutral phrasing
  3. Critical listening

Created: February 20, 2007.
Update September 7, 2011
© 2007-2011, Harri Rautiainen and respective authors
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