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Jazz Saxophone Resources



Robert Anram
Tenorman Extraordinaire from NYBob Anram
Three Letters on Jazz Improvisation:
1. Giant Steps Thoughts
2. Neutral Phrasing
3. Critical listening
An Introduction by Saxismyaxe
Jody Espina
New York City Jazz saxophonist and mouthpiece makerJody Espina
Sax Lessons with Jody Espina
Interesting Improviser

Roger Freundlich
Jazz Educator from Finland (ex-NYC) Roger Freundlich
Jazz Improvisation
Teaching Improvisation

Tim Price
Selmer Clinician, professional musician, jazz journalistTim Price and author. Tim teaches in New York City and Pennsylvania.
Jazz Saxophone LessonsIndex

Skip Spratt
Woodwinds teacher from South New Jersey. Skip Spratt
Confessions of a Weekend Warrior
Learning Tunes
Playing tips. Why so loud?
Undersaxed. The saxophone in popular music
More Confessions from a BS Saxophonist

Ed Svoboda
Ed Svoboda
Greg Fishman Interview - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Review of "Jazz Saxophone Etudes" by Greg Fishman
"Take Five - the public and private lives of Paul Desmond" by Doug Ramsey - a Book review
All That Jazz
Jam Session Rules and etiquette by King Koeller
The Secret of a Good Sound by Sue Terry
Jazz Mouthpieces Revisited
Books, CDs - Reviews, Store
Ken Fornetran: "Shadows and Short Stories" CD review by Neil Sharpe
Tim Price: "Passion Sax" A CD review by Sue Terry
"Reed All About It" Book Review by Laura Dreyer
"Practice Like the Pros" By Sue Terry Book Review by Tim Price
Books and CDs (SOTW Amazon Store)
Store > Charlie Parker Books and CDs
Sheet Music, Scales, Arranging for saxophone
Sheet Music
Symmetrical Scales by David Valdez
Blues for Lester
Orchestration for Saxophones 1, 2, 3, 4
Jazz Scale Sheet by Paul Elkouss
Sax Sheet Music Store
Jazz Sheet Music
Sax on the Web Forum (SOTWF)
Sheet Music
Saxophone Discussion: Jazz and Improvisation
Greg Fishman Book2
Greg Fishman

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