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  1. Lockjaw Transcriptions?
  2. Tank ! - Cowboy Bebop (Eb sax)
  3. Need just one inspiring classical piece for tenor
  4. Teacher Recommended
  5. sax quintet
  6. Mack the Knife score
  7. Need resource for reading music symbols and terms
  8. Zappa for Saxophone
  9. Singelee
  10. Come on Eileen
  11. Rocky Balboa Theme
  12. Denis Bedard's Sonata's saxophone part.....
  13. baroque
  14. Transcribing "Don't Explain" - Rhythm help?
  15. "Never Surrender"
  16. New Music Educational Website
  17. Need sheet music for it could happen to you
  18. Sheet Music Online?
  19. Learning How to Transcribe
  20. Anyone use Perry Fotos band charts?
  21. Summertime Sheet music
  22. need lyrics for Horace Silver's tune "Wipe Away the Evil"
  23. favor
  24. seeking bebop practice scales & variations
  25. looking for suggestions
  26. Advice on correct terminology requested
  27. Pick up the Pieces by G and Sanborn
  28. Kehaar's Theme (Sax solo) Watership Down
  29. Baritone Sax Music! Help!
  30. Ska Sheet Music
  31. Saxophone Quartets for SATB
  32. Sax solo sheet music
  33. Sax Quartet Recordings
  34. Intermediate Jazz duets ??
  35. Chords for "Sidewalk Maneuvers"
  36. Jump, Jive and Wail Ending
  37. Mystery theme - can you name this tune ?
  38. WHIRLY BIRD ( chorus )
  39. Light At The Edge Of The World
  40. Chords to Greetings to Idris
  41. Maria from West Side Story
  42. Georgia for flute
  43. In a sentimental mood
  44. Take Five anyone??
  45. what to do with F or Bass clef
  46. Free Brecker Licks
  47. "Send Me An Angel" by REAL LIFE
  48. Summertime by Gershwin
  49. If I Ain't Got You or Somewhere over the Rainbow
  50. Don't Stop Believin' by Journey (for big band)
  51. Arabian sheet music
  52. Looking for some advice on transcribing
  53. Funk/soul Sheet Music Needed!!!!
  54. very awkward request
  55. Transcribing from piano!
  56. Chords For Empty Pages
  57. Nobody knows request
  58. Dexter Gordon & James Moody - Lady Bird
  59. "Into the West" - Howard Shore (LOTR)
  60. Los Lobos for tenor
  61. Sing Sing Sing big band sheet music, anyone?
  62. Trio Music?
  63. Resolution (Love Supreme Pt II)
  64. dexter gordon - the backbone
  65. Glazounov Concerto/Orch. parts
  66. Big Noise from Winnetka
  67. Paul Desmond Emily
  68. Stompin at the Savoy
  69. Gee, Officer Krupke (West Side Story)
  70. Stan Getz / Kenny Barron "PEOPLE TIME"
  71. Love Thy Neighbor
  72. Jr Walker anyone?
  73. Chord Changes For "Tumbleweed" off of New Brecker Album "Pilgrimage"
  74. Coltrane Body & Soul
  75. anyone recognise this one?
  76. REQUEST - Alf theme score?
  77. "Why" by Jelly Roll Morton
  78. Changes to Coconut Champagne by Denis Diblasio
  79. Moon Dance for Alto Sax
  80. Yardbird suite E flat HURRY!!
  81. The Look of Love
  82. Mixed duets? (sax plus)
  83. Boys II Men sheet music request
  84. Another request! when the saints go marching in for alto sax!
  85. Ornithology Lick
  86. Soulful Strut Chart needed
  87. Charlie Parker tune book
  88. "The Summary" by Thad Jones
  89. The Gerry Mulligan Collection at the Library of Congress
  90. Locating a copy of Sonny Stitts "Compact Jazz"
  91. [REQ] Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen
  92. "Africano" solo charts
  93. Fastest Ears ?
  94. Has anyone ever heard the song...
  95. Looking for a couple transcriptions...
  96. Melody and chords for Relaxin and Tippin In
  97. Turn The Page
  98. A whole New world
  99. Saxophone Workbook
  100. "The Touch"
  101. Seeking Neihaus arrangement of "Have You Met Miss Jones" for Quartet
  102. Best Real or Fake Book Ever
  103. "my heart will go on" anyone?
  104. Newbie on the Sax
  105. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  106. Wiggle Waggle Parts??
  107. #41 by Dave Matthews Band (from Listener Supported)
  108. Macy's Parade
  109. Nola for Alto
  110. Has anybody got this old Sonny Stitt book ?
  111. Sir Duke Band Arrangement-Alto Sax
  112. Okinawa Transcription
  113. Okinawa Transcription
  114. Looking for Thad Jones chart - "Compensation"
  115. Sony Stitt OVER THE RANBOW
  116. Fly me to the moon for alto sax?
  117. Aung San Suu Kyi
  118. Donald Byrd's The Chant
  119. Music Copyright
  120. Hanky Panky big band chart
  121. La Fiesta
  122. "My Favorite Things" Trane
  123. Are the Real Books to advanced for beginners/intermediates?
  124. Grease Movie Music-Alto Sax
  125. Bari Quintet
  126. who is this and transcribe
  127. bari solo thing for shorties?
  128. The Concert Band At Home
  129. West Hamilton groove
  130. The chicken Music Sheet for ALTO
  131. Jazz Flute and Sax Duets
  132. Chords for "Jubilesta"?
  133. Sheet music for Samba Triste & O Grande Amor ?
  134. can anyone send me some kenny g sheet music?
  135. Sanborn - "How Sweet It Is"
  136. Sound of Music - Score Sheet for Beginner
  137. Solo Transcriptions / Transcribing: JUST DO IT!
  138. "Sax No End" sheet music?
  139. Sheet Music for Pass the Peas?
  140. anyone know the chord progression of Dawnbird?
  141. Con Te Parti/Time to Say Goodbye
  142. Free Chicago Arrangement
  143. In deperate need of music to practise for alto saxohone!!
  144. Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker "My Funny Valentine"
  145. True Love Ways
  146. Sheet music: Pie Jesu
  147. Rick James - Super Freak
  148. The Real Book
  149. Struggling to read music fast? A good tip here...
  150. Intermediate/easy duets for cello and Eb saxophone?
  151. I surrender dear for tenor
  152. Looking for an out of print Bergonzi disc.
  153. Land of a 1000 dances
  154. Delta City Blues
  155. "Fair and Warmer" - Court BAsie - Arrangement Needed
  156. Hal Leonard - Artist Transcriptions ?
  157. Take 5 for soprano?
  158. Shine on your crazy diamonds sax part
  159. I can create custom Midi transcriptions for you
  160. Looking for free backing tracks on the internet!
  161. otto link metal
  162. What's your take on sharing transcriptions?
  163. "I Want a New Drug"
  164. Jungleland sheet music
  165. Wayne Shorter Backing?
  166. I need someone to do transcriptions for my website
  167. dave liebman's solo on "india"
  168. Notes for nothings gonna change my love for you
  169. Star Eyes
  170. Lynn Hope composition: Driftin (going home)
  171. Christmas Jazz
  172. Real Books: are they good?
  173. looking for take thats 'million love songs' sax solo
  174. You Know I Care
  175. MIDI transcriptions ... having fun
  176. Garbarek transcription?
  177. Dave Koz
  178. Blood Sweat and Tears songbook
  179. Lead Sheet for White Christmas
  180. transcribing chords
  181. Oleo
  182. Wanted: Sax/horn part to Van Morrison's "Full Force Gale"
  183. Jungleland Sax Music, Springsteen, Clarence Clemens
  184. TR-1000 transcribing tool going for cheap on ebay.
  185. Help! Brass part for "Soul Man" - Sam and Dave
  186. Blue Rondo A La Turk piano part?
  187. Wanted: Band Arrangement for "Merry Christmas Baby" - Otis Redding version
  188. Dexter Rides Again chords?
  189. Any free sax trios out there for christmas?
  190. Heart of Rock & Roll Sax solo transcription?
  191. Transcriptions in MIDI format
  192. Chords and transposing for a late beginner
  193. Sax quartet christmas
  194. The Ruby And The Pearl
  195. New Sax Quintet Music
  196. [HELP!] Super Mario Bros (Saxophone Quartet)
  197. all jazz real book
  198. Looking for chords or transcription of "Fran-Dance" by Miles Davis
  199. Help finding some old hymns
  200. Free is good
  201. KLOSE - Complete Saxophone Method
  202. Kenny G Sheet Music
  203. Saxophone Quartets
  204. What the world needs now is love
  205. Lets get together
  206. Transcriptions
  207. Shadow Sonata
  208. Transcribe Program
  209. Peter King/Lulu Cry Me a River Transcription
  210. Whoopee!
  211. Sibelius or Finale?
  212. Night Rider - Eddie Sauter & Stan Getz
  213. Summertime (Bird w/ Strings) transcription?
  214. Remember Changes?
  215. Transposing concert low c to alto
  216. Stan Getz
  217. Straight to the Heart - Sanborn
  218. Boney James - Let it go (Music)
  219. Il Silenzio
  220. Sibelius lead sheets
  221. Giant Steps Lyrics
  222. Reet Petit Jacky Wilson
  223. Alto solo pieces
  224. I REALLY hate to ask-another transposing question
  225. Rumba sheet music
  226. Christmas time is here *Charlie Brown *
  227. "vintage sax section"?
  228. Back up alto's to Suzy Bogguss Its Always New to Me
  229. Favorite transcription sites
  230. Favorite things play along
  231. Need We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  232. The one you love & A song for you transcription
  233. Hot House (Gillespie & Parker)
  234. Music to "Climb Every Mountain"
  235. Why do we add an octave when transposing?
  236. "Just in Time" Transcription
  237. Best Download Site??
  238. Bass sax w/ piano accomp for church performance-need help choosing good arrangements
  239. Can any one help me with: Black Nightgown by Johnny Mandel???? Chords/lead sheet????
  240. Sax solos with piano accompaniment
  241. Always There
  242. Free transcription site
  243. Affair in Havana
  244. youngblood brass band
  245. Soul Serenade
  246. Henderson La Mesha
  247. Hank Mobley Transcription
  248. Help with Hank Mobley
  249. Suggested solos for me to transcribe?
  250. Michel Colombier sheet music
  251. sexy jazz licks
  252. Anybody know some 'tasty' chords substitutions for Ellington's Black and Tan Fantasy?
  253. Who helps me find/make a nice cadens for Harlem Nocturne?
  254. Nuages
  255. sultans of swing
  256. In the Mood
  257. Catch Me If You Can
  258. Coltrane - Say It (Over and Over Again)
  259. Nick Brignola solo transcriptions available
  260. Dexter's Montmartre Solo
  261. Anyone got Dirty Dozen Brass band chart they'll share?
  262. 25 or 6 to 4 chart
  263. Tears In Heaven Transcription
  264. youngblood brass band
  265. merry go round broke down
  266. Some Skunk Funk (Bb)
  267. Cannonball Adderley arrangements wanted
  268. Missa Gaia sheet music?
  269. Looking for sheet music for "Let IT BE ME"
  270. Andre Waignein Pieces for saxes? (SATB) Where Can I buy it??
  271. Help with Transposing
  272. Earl Bostic's Flamingo
  273. Saxophone quartet music sheet.
  274. Need suggestions for high school jazz audition music! Please help, thanks =)
  275. Saxophone Song book with "The one you love"
  276. Horn Arrangement for Beginnings (Chicago)
  277. "Four Seasons" By Vivaldi for Alto Sax w/ Piano Accompanist
  278. Recommendation for Sacred-Church-Classical Music For Alto Sax w/ Piano Accompanist
  279. A Savage Calculus
  280. Recommendations Aebersold ballads for beginners
  281. Help; Where to go for sheet music legal downloads?
  282. Bari Sax Duets
  283. Imagine - John Lennon
  284. Is my chord chart to Shepp's Steam right?
  285. Help!: Great Audition Pieces?
  286. |Bm7 Amaj7|E7 G7| What is that and how to improvise over it?
  287. Help about a piece that I'm not sure about its name
  288. Dat Dere
  289. Gimme Little Sign - sheet music, chords, etc.
  290. Sax ensemble music with bass sax?
  291. Looking for a lead sheet or more
  292. 1940's Charlie Parker sheet music on my blog
  293. you taught my heart to sing
  294. sheet music tempus fugit
  295. "Her Song" by Patrick Williams - Chart Needed
  296. ** Need "Once you got a taste" by TOP - help appreciated **
  297. Flowers For a Lady
  298. Bob James Mind Games
  299. Transposing a Tenor Sax part to a Bari Sax Part
  300. Please recomend some soprano transcriptions
  301. Dave Koz Songbooks
  302. Georgia arrangement for Tenor solo
  303. WTB "Half Moon Street" - Frank Wess Arrangment
  304. Modern Grade 5-8 pieces for GCSE
  305. any one has lili was here please
  306. any one has somewhere over the rain
  307. Hendrix/Buddy Miles/Gadd Gang - Changes
  308. Help me identify the name of this piece!
  309. Quick question about fake books
  310. Central Park West
  311. The Commitments
  312. Aja
  313. Help with Dave Holland's Claressence...
  314. Steely Dan horn agrrangement.
  315. Ray Charles
  316. score for Three Concert Duets
  317. Cedar Walton HOUSE ON MAPLE STREET
  318. Giant Steps
  319. Humor
  320. Transcription wanted "Blue Lester" by Lester Young
  321. My Old School by Steely Dan horn parts
  322. Chordal Help?!
  323. It's a long shot...
  324. Finding 'Air for Alto'
  325. Marshmallow head, solo coming..
  326. Powerhouse - Raymond Scott
  327. bebop sax
  328. King of Swing
  329. If you think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart
  330. Cello Transposition
  331. Mack the knife
  332. Desmond/Brubeck books
  333. Looking for Richard Elliot and Boney James
  334. Just the Two of Us
  335. Straphangin'
  336. Dueling Saxes
  337. Please help me!! CCR music needed
  338. Creston Sonata
  339. J.C.Jobim Head to Head
  340. Joe Le Taxi
  341. Looking for easy charts
  342. Edith And The Kingpin - Joni Mitchell
  343. Big Band Charrts
  344. New Sonny Stitt Transcriptions Available
  345. Artie Shaw Big Band Chart of Moonray
  346. Who can it be now?
  347. Kool and the Gang
  348. Cheap and big sheet music store
  349. Beginning Transcription Recommendations?
  350. The Nuclear Whales' Midnight in Moscow
  351. Real Easy Book Bass Clef? What's it for.
  352. Soprano Sax Solo in "It Makes No Difference"
  353. What is this sultry "hardboiled detective" tune?
  354. Mingus Bb
  355. New Gene Ammons Solos Available
  356. Sheet Music: You're weaver of dreams
  357. Saxophobia
  358. Can't Dance - Joshua Redman (Freedom in the Groove)
  359. Transcription of "Tenor Madness"
  360. Don't Explain
  361. sheet music
  362. transcription for my one and only love wanted
  363. cha cha cha and rumba songs
  364. need advice for a piece to take on a jazz masterclass
  365. transposing on musicnotes.com
  366. Tank! Yoko Kanno (Full band arrang. needed)
  367. Duet For Saxophone And Guitar
  368. looking for: Art Pepper - Holiday Flight
  369. tears in heaven for tenor
  370. Flying Home anyone?
  371. looking for piece
  372. Music Book with "Glenn Frey - The One You Love"
  373. Texas All-State Etudes
  374. Back At The Chicken Shack
  375. David Sanborn's Harlem Nocturne
  376. Original Rays by Michael Brecker
  377. Cold Duck Time
  378. Free to good U.S. home - Trumpet Book 1
  379. New Wardell Gray Transcriptions available
  380. alto sax and clarinet duets
  381. Brecker Brothers music search
  382. "monk" theme song?
  383. Sax Notes by Paul Steinberg
  384. Backing figures or notation for Gerald Albright's My,My,My
  385. Transposing for bass sax
  386. Pick Up The Pieces
  387. Quartet Music search
  388. Grieg Transcription
  389. can you name that tune? (70kb audio file attached)
  390. Shu Gath Manna
  391. Haven't you got eyes in your head?
  392. Looking for Squirrel Nut Zippers piano music book
  393. Accompaniment tracks (Grover Washington Jr.)?
  394. New Lester Young Transcriptions Available
  395. Glazunov Concerto
  396. Stitt
  397. Background music and Solo lead sheet.
  398. Anyone have a recommendation for a jazz band audition selection?
  399. the office theme music?
  400. Sheet Music for "Yakety Sax" for Bari