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Sep 27th 3:13 PM
Does anyone know if there is a new URL for:

Apparently, is out of business.
Paul C.
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Sep 27th 8:55 PM
I have this for the Vintage Saxophone Gallery:
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Oct 6th 12:58 PM
I'm sorry --I didn't know y'all started a thread, too.

Here's the quick post: all my free webhosts went down last moth and has been MIA for quite some time and whenever NBCi sent me something it concluded with, "... and you still can't use FTP."

TODAY: I have moved to

This is a host I have to pay for. The upside is that this allegedly means that the host will be up more often than not. In practice, I've had it for a week and FTP had been down for two days. At least y'all won't have banners.

I also have access to two computers with a cable modem today. Average of 17kbps upload speed. Keewlll!!!

I plan to have my entire 'site uploaded today. I DO NOT have all the new pages ready for prime time, yet. The most updated portion is the CONN mini-site and the KING page (not the S20/21 page). This means that on those two pages will have updated info, bunches of thumbnails and should be viewed at 1024 x 768.

I will try to work out problems as they come up. Please be patient if something doesn't work. I already know some of the links are broken -- is UNIX, which means CaSe sEnSitiVe, so I have to fix links :(

If you wish to donate to my, "Pay the Crosswinds Fee" fund, drop me a line.

I did get married, got my MCSE, and lotsa other stuff. Check out my FAQ page.

I also am now unemployed (for the last couple days). Anyone need a computer tech?

Pete H.
The Vintage Saxophone Gallery
Paul C.
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Oct 6th 3:09 PM
I have been wondering what happened! Glad you are up and running now.

Hey, guys, if you have not checked out The Vintage Saxophone Gallery, do so... especially if interested in the older works of art... that is, great saxes.
saxpics Oct 20th 2:09 PM
This is becoming a "The Revenge Of ..." topic.

You may have noticed that while my SML pages (as well as other horns :) are up, the majority of the pictures AREN'T. There are a couple of reasons for this:

NUMERO UNO: has proved even less reliable than NBCi (which has returned to business, sans all free websites). They have been down for about two and 1/2 weeks now and have frustrated me to no end. When they are back up, they are SUPPOSED to post a message at (an IP address? Whatzz up wit' dat? Oh. They killed their DNS server).

Every time I've attempted to FTP up to their 'site, it's been down.

NUMERO DUO: is an all-Unix host and is therefore CASE SENSITIVE (as I mention above). I have to redo all my links that weren't. In other words, if the original path was (etc.) it's now gotta be or some combination of such to CURRENTLY work. I have everything fixed permanently, but it's up to Crosswinds to fix their server so I can upload the corrected files.

Finally, once again I ask: if any of y'all out there have a free or under $10 webhost that has unlimited space, please drop me a line. If you want to just gimme space on your server and host me, I'd be more than willing.

Thanks, all for your many e-mails!
Pete H.
The Vintage Saxophone Gallery
saxpics Nov 17th 3:25 PM
I'm hopefully finally going to be able to kill this thread!

About two weeks ago, I was given free web space and a domain name from Mark Bushaw, someone who just wanted to see my website back up and running. There are more details on my FAQ page.

I have uploaded the SML, Conn and King mini-sites. All seem to be running just great. I will do the Selmer and Sax pages next week, if time permits.

Thanks all for your support!

The Vintage Saxophone Gallery