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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / offer to overhaul SML's

User ID: 9711993
Sep 19th 3:21 PM
Hi - as many may already know, I'm a vintage horn dealer ( that generally doesn't offer repair as a service in itself.


I'm about to buy my first SML (tenor), and am curious to learn more about them, especially about tone and response. I'd like to run a short A/B experiment between my own SML and others, so I'm interested in having a few more SML's to playtest -- am most interested in working on Rev C, Rev D, and Gold Medal.

If you've got an SML alto or tenor that needs an overhaul, and you can stand 2-3 weeks away from your horn, I'd probably like to overhaul it.

Price would be about $425 (more or less, depending on extra work to be done). More info is available on my site (, as to what is generally included in an overhaul, references, so forth.

I know this is a little weird. A number of persons have written in the past, wanting overhaul services, and I'm hoping some of them happen to be SML owners, and readers here.

Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 8938823
Sep 26th 6:55 PM
Are you in the New Orleans area?
User ID: 0952054
Sep 27th 5:14 AM
Dr. I....


If not, I have waiting a little over a year to wake up from a very interesting dream.

Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 7559683
Sep 27th 12:07 PM
SML's are a rarity in New Orleans. Steve Goodson probably has the only one within 100 miles of you.
User ID: 0784604
Sep 27th 12:48 PM
I saw two others just ..oh.. thirty miles? southwest of NO
User ID: 0952054
Sep 27th 12:53 PM
I know Steve's SML well -- it's digustingly lovely. It's not a coincidence that I know Steve's SML and have recently bought one for myself.

For those who don't know Steve's Rev D., it's a very pretty Rev D with a tonal character like a very dry wine (fine, smooth, & sensible like that).
Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 0345364
Sep 28th 8:46 AM
Steve's exotic taste in saxes is rather well documented I think. The two Morgan mentions don't need overhauls, unfortunately.
Dr. Suspicious
User ID: 0952054
Sep 28th 3:00 PM
Hmmmmmmm.... I think I know (of) those ones, too....
Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 1348824
Sep 28th 4:02 PM
Did you see that SML bass on eBay that was mint, needing only a pad job?
User ID: 0952054
Sep 28th 8:37 PM
eBay? What's that?


No: didn't see it -- spent too much cash on recording equipment this month. Had to eBay proof my computer with Netsitter.
User ID: 0952054
Oct 15th 2:45 PM
Many thanks for the response on this -- I've had a very busy week and am now backed up with work for at least a couple of weeks. So, I should add to this thread that any new SML work would be a 2-3 week turnaround, and that I can't take any new work for at least 2 weeks.

The offer is only for SML's.

- thanks again -