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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / neck is too long

james woolsey Sep 18th 11:05 PM
I couldn't wait to try out a selmer c* mouthpiece in band. It sounded great at home, however in band I was a full half-step flat! I had to switch to my cheap student mouthpiece. I know my SML tenor neck is about a half-inch longer than most. Am I a moron? Can this be altered, or should I just find another mouthpiece? Thanks for any help.
User ID: 0784604
Sep 19th 1:15 AM
or maybe you need to push the mpc on further

I think SML necks are THICKER than others, so some mpcs are harder to push on properly. This can be corrected by sanding down the neck cork or reaming out the mpc
james w
User ID: 8827223
Sep 19th 6:12 AM
I greased up the cork, and pushed the mpc as far as the tip of the neck would allow (someone warned me that this could split the mpc)and after the horn warmed up I was much closer but still slightly flat. I suppose I could sand down the cork and continue in this manner, but closing off most of the mpc opening seems to deaden the sound.
User ID: 0784604
Sep 19th 10:06 AM
And yet your other mpc plays in tune? Too weird.

Do NOT attempt to shorten the neck BTW. The neck was built to go with the horn and its length compared to other brands has zero relevance.
james w
User ID: 8827223
Sep 19th 8:49 PM
Thanks for a voice of reason. I will just try different mpcs until I get the right sound and intonation. The brilhart 3* is smaller in length than the C* and has a more closed chamber. I prefer the larger mpc, but if it won't play in tune I'll keep searching.
User ID: 8715613
Sep 21st 5:36 PM
Keep trying,I play an otto link 7* and thats fine with the intonation thing.I think its the mouthpiece not the sax,but its hard to know without seeing the horn.
Rob V
User ID: 9788223
Sep 23rd 4:09 PM
I just messured the difference between a original SML alto mpc and a Selmer c. The diameter of both is the same, about 16 mm. but the length of the chamber of the SML mpc is about 12 mm shorter than the selmer.
perhaps this explains some of the difference.
Paul C.
User ID: 0317884
Sep 24th 4:43 PM
Your SML tenor (as does mine) will play well for concert band with a Runyon Finesse Tenor #6, or Runyon SR Tenor #6 or #7. Use a reed in the #2 1/2 to #3 range. There are certainly other mouthpieces that will work well on this fine sax.

Do NOT cut the neck.
User ID: 1920144
Oct 30th 3:20 PM
try a bigger chamber mouthpiece, sometime the new mouthpiece doesn't fit with vintage sax