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Classic Sax
User ID: 0276214
Sep 14th 3:38 AM
Has rolled tone holes
Serial number 32XX. Inscription reads on bell
Jen-Company Harmonia, Paris.

Paul C confirmed it was made by SML

Does anyone have any more info on Jen-Co?
Paul C.
User ID: 0317884
Sep 24th 4:44 PM
Yes, I confirmed by seeing photos he sent. Certainly is SML.
User ID: 2846584
Oct 6th 1:00 PM
Hey, Paul. How 'bout sharin' the love? Send some of those pics my way!

Paul C.
User ID: 0680084
Oct 6th 3:03 PM
Pete, coming your way. I had intended to send to you, but lost your address.
John T.
User ID: 9099093
Oct 17th 7:19 PM
Classic Sax, I just picked up a Jen-Co Tenor that needs a total rebuild.
Based on what notes I can play, it sounds like a cross between my Buffet SDA and a Prewar Conn. After all the dents are pulled out and a repad, I'll be able to post a better of how this one plays.

This horn has a 92XX Serial#, and, looks pretty consistent with a Rev. C. (fixed Pearl Thumbrest).

Definitely an SML, it has the Rolled Tone Holes, a 6.25" Bell, SML style Braces on the Neck and Body/bell. It also has that unique LH Pinky Table(almost like a Clam shell).

a Few comparison questions:

Does yours also say Jen-Co on the bell?

This one doesnt have a matching Serial# stamped on the Neck, how about Yours?

Based on the Serial#, your 32XX would be a Rev. A, and have both bell keys on the players left Side, but, The 9 serial# digit on mines looks alot like a 3 Maybe yours also has a Rev. C Serial# ?

As far as guesses as to who was Jen-Co, my wildest guess would be a mid-west company called Jenkins, I think Conn made a bunch of stencils for them.

Truth Squad
User ID: 0115944
Oct 17th 7:41 PM
There was one on Ebay a couple months ago.

Also check out this:
1473617961 Artist Model Competition - Paris - Tenor Sax

Someone just scored what looks to be another SML stencil, dirt cheep!
User ID: 0784604
Oct 17th 10:56 PM
looks like an Olds neck, Dolnet keyguards, and a BUescher case. I don't see the SML there though. Whose bell-body brace is that?
Classic Sax
User ID: 0025534
Oct 20th 4:04 PM
Are you HP70SS or something like that. Congratualtion on that $85.00 purchase if it is the same horn, I think it might be since serial numbers and you are right about the 9 it did look like a three
That is the sax I looked at and passed it up since the repair was going to cost more money than just waiting for another stencil of SML to pop up and might find a cherry one for a little more money but less that a total overhaul. The neck was bent at one time and many repairs done to it since it was a school band instrument most of it's life. What really turned me off was looking in the tube it didn't look perfectly straight. I choose to not spend $500.00min -$700.00 and just wait for something elase
I had the exact same opinion on sound qualities. I also thought the top end was weak. Good luck and thanks for giving it a good home. Yes that was only inscription on bell with the addition of Paris