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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / SML alto value?

Bob Miner
User ID: 1000714
Sep 11th 8:12 AM
I recently listed a SML alto on E Bay for a friend. He has $1500. in it ,including a recent overhaul. The highest bid was something over $600.
Needless to say ,the reserve was not met.
The horn is ser.19xxx,in pristine condition. It is the two-tone model with gold lacquer and silver keys. Lots of engraving,also.
My question is...What is the market for these horns..I am a Selmer person amd do not know what SMLs are going for. Will my friend just have to keep this horn,rather than take a loss? Thanks for your input.
User ID: 0784604
Sep 12th 11:43 PM
Well... nobody else answering ....

It's hard to get that much for an SML alto if it does not have rolled tone holes.
User ID: 0283314
Sep 13th 1:57 PM
I'd say $800 to $999 is a realistic value for this horn. The value doesn't say nothing on the sound quality of an instrument. This is sure a great sounding horn, but being a two-tone model it seems to project a student-effect, as many student-level horns look this way. Is itat least a Gold Medal? And there is that rolled-tone-hype. In my opinion it is not easy to hear a difference in tone between two similar sax models, one with rolled and one with straight tone holes.
I think your friend should keep it an enjoy it, maybe he can sell it later. Prices go up and down like at Wall Street.
Jerry K.
User ID: 9565813
Sep 13th 8:43 PM
Rick, I played a couple Keilwerth SX90R saxes with straight and a couple with rolled tone holes and I heard a definate difference. More fullness and richness to the sound with the rolled tone holes. It seemed fairly obvious when I played them one after the other. I have only played my 10,000 SML which has the straight tone holes so I don't know if the difference is as significant.