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User ID: 9990163
Sep 3rd 2:25 PM
Howdy. Now and again SML-sellers pretend in their description the left thumb-rest being adjustable. But, so far I've never seen adjstable thumb rests on SML's. In fact what I've seen (mainly on later Gold Medal models) are removable thumb-rests. But there's only one position they can be fixed, with one screw in one well defined hole. Who's ever seen adjustable thumb rests out there?
Paul C.
User ID: 0317884
Sep 4th 1:38 AM
It is not an adjustable thumbrest... it PIVOTS as you press the octave key. And it drives me nuts.
User ID: 0060104
Sep 4th 3:21 PM
That's not the one I mean, Paul. I know that tricky rocking thumbrest. I mean the flat metal plate type with a little tube on the under side to get stuck on a post and fixed with a screw. Several times this thumbrest has been described at ebay as adjustable.
Paul C.
User ID: 0317884
Sep 4th 5:46 PM
Hmmm, haven't seen that one. Well, the rocking one still drives me nuts. I have a cork under it to hold it still. Not a great feature. They could have dropped down to 21 features and still been OK.
User ID: 1348824
Sep 4th 7:58 PM
it's the cork ... the 23rd feature ...

hey paul i'll be home in 10 days inchallah, and then I can send u your photos. You want hi-res (slow download) or normal 640/480?
User ID: 0415304
Sep 5th 1:32 AM
Paul, I'll send you a picture of that thing if you're interested. What's your e-mail?
Paul C.
User ID: 0317884
Sep 5th 2:25 AM

Will send you pics of mine, too.

Morgan, send high res.

For you other guys... Morgan visited me this summer, went out of his way to come buy and visit. We compared our SML's, and had a nice afternoon talking saxophones. Real nice guy, nice family. Enjoyed having them visit!