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User ID: 1049474
Aug 24th 10:22 PM
I play an SML Alto 14xxx, at the High School level and love it.. out of the not-too-many altos that I've tried, its by far the best.
Now, I've been renting a tenor for a few weeks.. and I am thinking about buying one. There is an SML 20xxx gold medal, for sale at the local music store for 999$ (can). I thought I was going to buy it (because my alto sml is so great).. but having tried it, I doesn't 'knock me out' the way my alto does. However, I am not a remotely experienced tenorplayer, so that could be it.
The sound seems to be naturally quieter than most tenors I've tried, however, seeing as I generally play Runyons getting it loud shouldn't be a problem.. The neck is also at a bit of an unusual angle (going up from the body more than usual), this doesn't really bother me, but are all SML tenors like this? Also, it doesn't have the adjustable thumb key. I don't know about the other features.. its got the adjustable neck clamp, and thats the only one I can identify.
While we're on the topic of features, what exactly are rolled tone holes, and how does one identify them?
I'm going away for a week in 2 days, and seeing as this is the opening of the school season, the SML has a very good chance of being gone, when I come back.. should I jump at it, or should I wait until I have tried more tenors and have a better understanding of them?
User ID: 2964484
Aug 25th 3:32 PM
Acrah...I have a SML tenor #14XXX with rolled tone holes so I'm assuming your alto has them also.If you look at the upper edge of one of your tone holes you will see that the metal has been rolled over forming a smooth surface for the key pad to make contact. I don't think that #20xxx models still had this feature.Most saxs' don't have rolled tone holes.
Most people speak highly of the Gold medal but I don't have any first hand experience with them. Perhaps it's not adjusted properly.