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Rob v
User ID: 9788223
Aug 15th 11:08 AM
I am curious if there are many SML players out there.

I,ve got two of those babies.

A 23.xxxSML goldmedal bari wich is nikkel plate complete with the originalcase and mpc (it,s a killer horn).

And a Silver plate goldmedal II alto with the original mpc. ( great intonation and projection )

Jenseman Aug 15th 11:24 AM
I own two SML saxes:

a Gold Medal Tenor in silver plate. This is actually my third SML Tenor. I had a Revision D and a Gold Medal Two-tone before. I donīt use the Tenor to much since I got a Zephyr Special Tenor that blows circles around the SML.

The second SML is a Soprano in need of an overhaul. SIlver plate also.
User ID: 8708523
Aug 15th 11:53 AM
I play a SML Gold Medal I 16XXX Alto. Huge sound. Outplays any selmer, anyday, anytime!!!
User ID: 8897163
Aug 21st 4:01 PM
Like Jason I play a 16k Gold Medal, very fast and tight action, huuuge sound. And I'm working on a 10k gold plated alto.
Paul C.
User ID: 9551723
Aug 21st 8:29 PM
Rev D alto, silver, and an even earlier tenor.
Steve Goodson
User ID: 1062774
Aug 21st 8:59 PM
Rev D tenor, gold plated
User ID: 8688133
Aug 22nd 7:18 AM
A 1945 Vintage Super 45 alto silverplated.
User ID: 2964484
Aug 22nd 9:08 AM
Tenor #14xxx,silver. Rev.D, late 50's. Beautiful sound and very smooth action.
Marcus Melody
User ID: 8890073
Aug 23rd 8:06 AM
I just bought an SML baritone #13xxx., low Bb in gold laquer. I haen't played it much yet, since the octave mechanism does not work properly. But it sounds good and has great potential.
User ID: 7866123
Aug 23rd 1:08 PM
I am from France. I play a SML 13XXX siverpate alto since many years. And a Antoine Courtois also alto from the fiftys. Both are superbe saxophones.
User ID: 8221333
Aug 28th 4:26 PM
I play 2 SML's a Gold Medal Mk 1 Tenor 16xxx with a M.C. Gregory Model A mouthpiece and a F.A Reynolds Contempora Alto which is actually a SML Gold Medal Mk 1 with F.A. Reynolds name on it.(Stencil) This horn is identical in all respects except for the name.I use a Selmer C* with this horn.I love em both.
User ID: 1348824
Aug 29th 9:43 PM
Oooh! Another person has discovered the Gregory "A" on tenor! Uh oh! the secret is out!
User ID: 8221333
Aug 30th 1:48 PM
Actually I have to give credit where it is due. The secret was passed on to me from my Father in law Carroll Starka which is where I aquired my Tenor with the mpc.He played in Woodie Herman's Big Band and Stan Kenton's also.The Gregory is a 5-20.It has what I would describe as a nice focused dark sound to a tone with plenty of edge if you need it.I'm sure the horn has alot to do with the sound. I wonder what it would sound like say on a Conn Chu or something? What do you play your Gregory on?
User ID: 1348824
Aug 30th 2:03 PM
I play my Gregory on a 8k SML tenor. It has a sound I would describe as silk velvet draped over soft hot curves, with (mysteriously) all the edge in the world when I need to summon it forth. I even played it at a blues/rock open mike night and blew the lights out very effectively.

It sounds great on a Chu, or anything else for that matter.

Nice family connection!

User ID: 0422394
Aug 31st 4:18 PM
Morgan - Your wondefrul phrase, "silk velvet draped over soft, hot curves" captures the sound of my 17xxx Gold Medal Tenor perfectly!Thank you for translating that great sound into english words..... & yes it has all the edge you need when it is summoned with the proper magic....
Dr. Inconspicuous
User ID: 2233684
Sep 4th 7:26 PM
I've got a very rare Super 46 Tenor. Very fine horn, in silverplate. As a side note, I just ordered the Super 46 Alto that is listed on the WB website. I've never heard of another Super 46 alto or tenor, so I'll have an extremely rare matched pair. It's being prepped for a trip to Anderson right now for a replate.

Dr. Inconspicuous Has Twins
User ID: 2964484
Sep 4th 8:36 PM
Dr.Inconspicuous...Do you have pics of Super 46 on a web site? I'd love to have a look.
User ID: 9084913
Sep 14th 2:33 PM
I play a 9xxx gold plated tenor. Looking at his matching brother gold plated alto on ebay right now, but I got a Mk VI for free, so it's hard to justify...

"...but Honey-pie, in times like this, we should invest our money in gold!"
User ID: 9084913
Sep 14th 2:36 PM
...and I too play with a Gregory...actually it's a Gale Hollywood, but is pretty much identical to a 4A as I had both on loan from 4Winds. I would only add to Morgan's description, that mine is a dark shade of velvet over them curves!
User ID: 0784604
Sep 14th 5:49 PM
Oh. Yeah. I meant black.
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