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robert loveall
User ID: 2547224
Aug 2nd 10:14 AM
I aquired a sml alto sax (gold) ser#9827..has a mouthpiece with "special made for dick stabile" marked on it...does anyone know if all the original mouthpieces have this marked on them, or could this have been dick stabiles sax?...thanks
John T.
User ID: 0150524
Aug 3rd 3:56 PM
I dont think the Stabile Mpc. was standard issue with a then New SML Sax.

But, There is a remote possibility it MAY have been accidently included with a New SML Because the Stabile Mpcs. were made for the Woodwind Co. in NYC and I believe one of Fred Cecetti's "New" SML's came with Stock Woodwind Co. Mpcs.

** Most probably not Dick Stabile's sax,
I have a tenor version of the same mpc. in my "Spares" Box, and, see them popup on ebay every now and then.
saxpics Aug 5th 12:34 PM
"Dick Stabile" was a stencil model that was produced by Martin a while back and was kind of a cross between a Handcraft Committee II and a Committee (i.e. "The Martin ___"). The horn also had "Dick Stabile"-brand mouthpieces.

SML generally used their own brand mouthpieces, except for some cases when a Woodwind Co. mouthpiece was thrown in (John T. is right).

robert loveall
User ID: 2547224
Aug 5th 1:31 PM
thanks for your help....bob