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Fred Cicetti
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Aug 2nd 8:12 AM
I've just been contacted by a man in England who found a silver SML tenor in a bric-a-brac store in North London. It is serial number 1519. That's right, 1519. I'm fairly certain this makes it the oldest SML uncovered so far. I'm getting photos. The fascinating thing about this is that the bell has all the usual stuff on it, including the mysterious Stars of Davids you find on really early SMLS, but it also has an inscription I've never seen. It says, "Modele Le Strama." Any ideas anyone?
saxpics Aug 5th 12:24 PM
I'm hoping you share the photos ...

Fred, the research I've done indicates that most of the altos in what I call the "Rev. A" or "Rev. B" era (s/n 1 to about 6xxx) may have different names on the bell. This, I believe, is similar to what Martin did with some of their Handcraft models: the various design "teams" working on the horns occasionally engraved their name(s) onto the horn, SML just took this a step further and had the team engrave each horn with a model name. I've seen "Radiotone", "The Duke", "AW2", "Progresse" and "Super Luxe" on these older-model SML's. This trend does not appear with any of the sopranos or tenors I've seen, so far.

This rather random naming convention fizzled out by around 75xxx and these horns (in what I call the "Rev. C" era [s/n 73xx to 95xx]) tend to just have a model number, if they have anything additonal engraved ("630", "49" and "260" are the ones I've seen so far).

This doesn't include the Super models or the Coleman Hawkins models. There seem to be at least three versions of the Super and two of the Coleman Hawkins -- and the Supers have "45" or "46" engraved on 'em or just "Super". I will post pics on my 'site in a bit -- I've had more hardware problems (again) and I'm slowly transitioning to a new web-host.

I thought your prototype sopranos were the oldest you've seen ;)

Pete H.

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Fred Cicetti
User ID: 0373644
Aug 6th 9:16 AM

I can't find your e-mail address. I forwarded photos to Harri. I tried sending them to you on your website, but the file was rejected. Send me your e-mail to I'll give you copies of the pictures.
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Jan 18th 6:47 AM
Hallo guys!
I am the proud owner of a sml alto
Coleman Hawkins special No: 177

Best regards

Jens Holm Sweden
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Jan 18th 10:44 AM
Strama is not in my french/english dictionary nor in my encyclopedia. It could very well be the surname of the craftsman who built it.
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Jan 18th 10:58 AM
177? Can you send pics?

new website:
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Jan 20th 10:52 PM
Serial number is actually 366x. The 177 appears to be a model number.

Yes! The model chart still works!