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User ID: 0046004
Aug 1st 4:58 PM
are there any companies out there who have the same neck tenon size as SML???
anyone out ther know??
Paul C.
User ID: 0317884
Aug 1st 5:45 PM
It takes more than only a tenon to fit a neck to a saxophone. Diameter and taper make a difference. A mismatch here can cause serious intonation problems.

Does anyone know if Gloger makes a SML replacement neck?
saxpics Aug 5th 12:37 PM
Paul, you might want to see if you can't get hold of Bootman: about six months ago I posted that I was looking for a Martin Committee tenor neck and he said he knew of a company that would manufacture *any* neck for a reasonable amount (I think it was about $300 US for a copper neck).

Hope that helps!
Axel Koch
User ID: 9844073
Aug 21st 4:44 PM
I play an Peter Ponzol (made by Keilwerth) neck on my SML Tenor. The intonation is fine and the upper register, esp the flageolets, works much easyer than with the original neck.

I´m not quite sure, wether the diameter fits in, because bevore I used that neck on a Conn naked Lady.But at Keilwerth they made a good work to fit it on the SML.

Keep swingin´

Paul C.
User ID: 9551723
Aug 21st 8:28 PM
Thank you, good information, Axel!

I have turned down the purchase of several SML saxophones due to missing or damaged necks.