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User ID: 9272753
Oct 24th 3:43 PM
What is the difference between an SML and an SML Gold Medal tenor. There is one of each on ebay. The SML is being sold by Dominic and has a serial #of 12xxx. The Gold Medal model doesn;t show a serial number but is in pristine shape. They said it was a 1964 model. Is one pro and one not?
User ID: 0784604
Oct 24th 4:36 PM
IMHO: no difference.
User ID: 2964484
Oct 25th 3:26 PM
There may be a difference in the tone holes. I'm not sure but I think pre Gold Medals had rolled tone holes and Gold Medals didn't have them.
User ID: 0784604
Oct 25th 3:29 PM
User ID: 2964484
Oct 25th 7:31 PM
morgan...straighten me out on this..I'm curious...I've been getting conflicting info...thanks
jon boy
User ID: 9481773
Oct 25th 8:02 PM
i have a '62 gold medal, and it has rolled tone holes. looks sh!tty, sounds great.

User ID: 0784604
Oct 25th 10:37 PM
a number of later GMs however did have straight TH
The Martin
User ID: 0631424
Oct 26th 3:06 AM
have a look at:

He has all the models listed, also the differences between all models.
User ID: 2964484
Oct 26th 12:41 PM
morgan...Are there pre GM horns with straight tone holes also?
And do you know if there is a specific range of serial numbers in the GM that that they started straight tone hole or did they manufacture both simultaneously?..thanks