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User ID: 1940534
Jul 29th 7:16 PM
I have a like new SML Alto, siver plated, for sale. I have a rubber Selmer mouthpiece with it as well as a new SKB hard case.
I'm retired and will keep my old Conn 20M just for my own amusement. (I need the money!) will get you more info. Idon't have any pictures, but can probably make some.
I live in Northern AZ.
User ID: 1940534
Jul 29th 7:18 PM
re. my first msg. about the Alto; the S/N: 126xx
Jerry .
User ID: 8625283
Jul 31st 11:35 PM
Ralph, please email what you'd like for your SML Alto. Does this sax have rolled tone holes? Thanks,