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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / 4 Sale: My SML Alto

Fred Cicetti
User ID: 0373644
Jul 29th 3:21 PM
My SML alto is on Ebay. The auction explains it all.

Fred Cicetti
User ID: 0373644
Jul 29th 9:41 PM
The Item # for the alto is 1451270515
Jerry K.
User ID: 9467593
Aug 8th 12:30 PM
Fred, does this mean you out of the SML business?Looks like you have sold your alto and tenor now. By the way, congratulations on the price you got for the alto.
User ID: 9238183
Aug 12th 2:11 PM
This is probably out of line. I recently purchased a King Lemaire saxophone (king musical instruments)It has a case and all that goes with the sax. Also care articles by Selmer. It is a two tone gold medal and in near mint condition. It has an engraving like a roman numeral 11 and czechoslovakia. Can you tell me anything about this saxophone? Greatly appreciated if you will.
Steve Sideroff