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User ID: 1216034
Jul 18th 3:54 AM
Looking for a SML bari. What's out there? I have a SML tenor and love it. Also, did Buffet make any bari's? Never seen one, but love the way the Buffet's play. Lemme know. Thanks. MR
Steve Goodson
User ID: 9621663
Jul 18th 6:18 AM
Buffet made some wonderful baris! I've got a Superdynaction in stock, bright silver plate (90+% intact) and a fresh repad. Plays great, looks spectacular. Pics available. Email me at
User ID: 9788223
Jul 20th 6:35 PM
What i learned is that there are not many SML bari's out there they are extremely rare i've only seen a few of them and i am the lucky owner of one them play,s great looks good. And i have to agree with Steve on the Buffet's they are wonderfull sounding extremely well build saxes.

Paul C.
User ID: 8339223
Jul 20th 7:09 PM
I know of only one guy with an SML bari, had it for sale, but do not know if it has been sold.

People forget that there were great French saxes other than Selmer. Buffet and SML were so overshadowed, but it would be hard to imagine that a company like SML, known for great oboes, or Buffet, known for great clarinets, would not put effort and quality into their other products.
User ID: 1348824
Jul 23rd 6:04 AM
yeah it's sold.

For a great bari sax, you can
- hunt forever for an SML
- grab a Buescher Aristocrat
- hunt forever for a Buescher 400
- grab a Couesnon if it pops up while you are hunting forever
- buy Goodson's Buffet
Paul C.
User ID: 2623374
Jul 23rd 5:53 PM
My Buescher 400 Bari (satin silver, gold wash bell, ribbon keyguards)is NOT, I repeat, NOT for sale!!!! And why should I buy a new bari when my 400 plays so well? Yeah, don't hold your breath looking for one. And Morgan's was the only one for sale that I knew of in the last few years.

Oh, Morgan!!! I assume the rest of the trip was uneventful? Your beautiful daughter and her "goggies" OK?
User ID: 1348824
Jul 23rd 9:30 PM
travel ok, nothing worse than a blown-out tire and a frazzled dad.

Played a solo concert for the goggie gal tonite at bedtime. "Stardust" by the lakeside.
Paul C.
User ID: 2623374
Jul 23rd 10:07 PM

("Goggies" is how Morgan's daughter says "Doggies".)

I figured you would have played "The Goggie Song". Or "Fingers and Toes", but I guess "Stardust" will have to do.

I assume Mom survived OK, no divorce in the near future? LOL! Vacation, huh?
User ID: 1348824
Jul 24th 11:50 AM
vacation and some serious caretaking for Aging Relatives. And work.
User ID: 9788223
Jul 24th 6:07 PM
Saw a Buffet bari on the German version of E-bay
Bidding starts at 2900 DM that,s about 1300 USD
If anyone is interested ask ze German seller for more info.

I'm not interested in it because i allready own
a great SML bari.