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User ID: 0143424
Jul 4th 9:27 AM
I bought in my holiday a tenor Saxafoon. In Vienna. But now I need to now, the value. For my encurencecompany.
It's (I think a silver plated) whit serialnumber: 10201
Can anywone help me???

User ID: 2964484
Jul 4th 1:41 PM
I bought a silver plated tenor #14xxx in 1997 in good shape for $1200 but I think that they have gone up since then.Good luck with it.
User ID: 0784604
Jul 4th 3:11 PM
2500 USD (if saxophone is in good condition)
User ID: 0143424
Jul 5th 6:01 AM
thank you
Paul C.
User ID: 8339223
Jul 20th 7:29 PM
I agree, in good condition, in silver, $2200-$2500 USD.