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User ID: 9050343
Jun 24th 5:44 AM
how do I get spare parts for my SML saxophone?
Any good offers?
Paul C.
User ID: 1578334
Jun 24th 6:58 AM
Your best bet would be to buy a "parts horn", possibly on ebay. This is one of the problems of owning these fine saxes.
User ID: 0784604
Jun 24th 12:12 PM
What kind of parts?

Shouldn't be much of a problem getting rods, posts, screws, thumbrests, and keyguards -- these are pretty generic. Ferree's will have a wide selection but "parts horns" off ebay might get you a lower price. Nobody will sell you a specific "side E hinge for 1953 SML" -- you have to try several and be ready to cut and re-thread some rod stock.

Paul C.
User ID: 8339223
Jul 20th 7:36 PM
Fortunately for you, though, as Morgan and I have compared, over the years from WWII on, the SML's changed very little, mostly cosmetically. Parts are either identical or so similar as to be easily modified.
Phil S.
User ID: 8534863
Aug 7th 7:12 PM

You mentioned keyguards...Don't see them in Ferree's ....Any other options?