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Jun 19th 6:20 PM
i have a bundy alto sax. is this a good sax for paying contemporary jazz? also i don't know the age of my sax, is their any way of finding out that kind of info?
User ID: 9238183
Aug 12th 2:19 PM
Can you tell me anything about my King Lemaire?It is a two tone gold medal made in CzeckoslovakiaKing musical instruments.
Steve Sideroff
Jerry K.
User ID: 9467593
Aug 13th 3:34 PM
Jeff, unless you have a Bundy marked "Bundy Special" or George M. Bundy (said to be made by Conn) you probably have a student level sax. The Bundy Specials were made by Keilwerth and have rolled tone holes and are more of a professional level sax with a more interesting tone. The main differences will be in tone and how well the sax plays in tune. Having said that, a really good player can make most any sax sound really good.

To determine age, look on the bell where the sound exits the sax you will find some tone holes and guards. Are there 2 large ones on the right or left side? If left side, made prior to mid 1970s, if right side, made mid 1970s and beyond.
User ID: 9481773
Aug 14th 9:57 PM
Stephen, about your King Lemaire - my guess is it doesn't say 'gold medal' anywhere on the Sax - if it does, that is further proof that these Saxes were deliberately ripping off SML, when they in fact have NO physical link to any SML Sax. Anyone can get a license to use a Name: eg Selmer by Buescher; Buescher and Martin by Asian manufacture; Conn in Mexico, and of course yours. (But, King MARIGAUX is by SML, and says so on their Saxes). God bless