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Jun 4th 11:38 AM
I found an old catalogue for brass instruments at a flea market that featured SML trumpets and cornets. Has anybody ever heard of SML making these? The logo is: SML, Strasser-Marigaux, Gold Medal, Paris, and were priced considerably higher than the others in the catalogue. (all the others were made by Crown) Also listed are mutes made by SML. No date on the catalogue that was from a music store in NYC.

Is this news to anyone? Another twist in the SML mystery?
John T.
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Jun 11th 4:33 PM
I've seen a few SML trumpets on Ebay, they were probably made/stenciled for SML by somebody in France like Antoine Courtois.

Thats why I have suspicions about SML Saxes.
I. Fallon
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Jan 24th 11:05 PM
I came really close to purchasing an SML trumpet on eBay. The seller was odd, to say the least. As I remember, it just had large letters SML on the bell. It went for about $120. I have a keilwerth trumpet, which is nothing to write home about. It seems that trumpet makers (Couesnon, Coutois) make better saxophones than saxophone makers make trumpets.