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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / SML standard?

User ID: 1655274
Jun 1st 2:26 PM
hi, i found an SML alto with the serial 766x for which the seller gives this derscription:

The key work is finished in chrome, no rolled tone holes, it is likely the
horn has been relacquered a long time ago? for I am not aware of them coming
out with chrome keys, The model is called Standard

is this actually relaquered? i get the impression that some SMLs came with nickle keys.

BTW is anyone interested in a Martin "the Martin Tenor" serial 1554xx i am looking for potential alto trades.

User ID: 0164614
Jun 3rd 9:49 PM
Lambodara, I have seen this very same SML Standard Sax you are talking about, with 'rattrap' keyguards, even though other SML models of the same serial number range had already changed to the more common SML guards that they retained all the rest of their production life. Please email me on, as I am also very keen on a trade for your 'The Martin Tenor' here in Melbourne. God bless
User ID: 1676554
Jun 3rd 10:14 PM
I used to own a SML standard alto in silverplate,it didnt have rolled tone holes but was a beautifull alto in all respects.