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Sax on the Web / SML (Strasser-Marigaux) / GoldPlated Alto SML for sale

Tom N.
User ID: 0046004
May 30th 3:19 PM
(Sorry, I have also posted this on the Marketing forum)

It is so sad for me to part with this sax (have to deal with a mortage coming...)

Gold plated about 85%, serial # 10163, fully serviced and repadded 6 months ago. Neck holder ring had slacken off when I got it and it has been professionally fixed (lost a bit of gold plate around this area)

Paul C. has known about this and made me a offer last year. I post it here first before going the EBay route.

Asking $2000 yet must be sold, so I would take the best offer (will consider to include one of my very best mouthpiece to the aprx. offer)

email me for the pictures or further info.

Best regards

Tom N.
User ID: 0046004
Jun 1st 2:01 PM
How much should it be ? $1900.00
User ID: 0784604
Jun 1st 2:12 PM
1900 sounds like a fair price to me. (Sorry, that's not an offer, just an opinion). You might not get more than about 1500 on eBay, depending on whether the Auction Gods are happy.
Tom N
User ID: 0046004
Jun 14th 2:26 PM
It is listed on EBay now
Desperately must sell, no reseve, asking first bit of $1600. Hope that I don't ask too much